Any type of drug-related offense could lead to significant legal consequences, however, a drug trafficking violation is often substantially more serious than a simple possession charge. Someone who is facing such charges should consider consulting with an aggressive Denton drug trafficking lawyer. A dedicated drug lawyer could work to establish a credible defense and refute the allegations. Call and schedule a legal consultation to begin identifying potential legal solutions that may benefit your case.

Common Factors of a Drug Trafficking Case

When a person is charged with drug trafficking, they may be at risk for incurring severe legal penalties. It is common for multiple people to be charged with the same drug trafficking offense, as most operations generally require actions from more than one individual. However, each person’s case typically will be treated differently depending on the potential evidence that the prosecution has compiled to establish their role in the operation. Additionally, a person’s criminal history could impact their case, especially if they have a prior history of drug trafficking.

Due to the severity of drug trafficking violations, the law enforcement in Denton commonly pursues drug trafficking suspicions by employing the use of drug stings, confidential informants, and undercover officers posing as someone interested in purchasing drugs. Someone who has been arrested and booked for such an offense may benefit from contacting a Denton drug trafficking lawyer. An attorney could review the circumstances surrounding the arrest and work to fight the charges by building a strong defense.

Jurisdictional Borders

Jurisdictional borders in a drug trafficking charge often are determined on where a person is arrested and charged with the alleged offense. In other words, the jurisdiction over where a person could face legal consequences generally is determined by where the alleged illegal activity took place.

Additional Drug Charges

Drug trafficking is generally viewed as a more serious substance offense than simply possessing an illegal drug. As a result, many individuals who are charged with drug trafficking may also be accused of possession with intent to distribute and the manufacture of drugs with intent to distribute. Furthermore, a person may also be accused of endangering people by the transporting of dangerous controlled substances. The general policy rationale behind such accusations largely stems from the government and law enforcement’s efforts to curtail drug usage. Individuals facing additional penalties should speak with a Denton drug trafficking attorney right away.

How a Drug Trafficking Attorney in Denton Could Help

While drug trafficking is an extremely intimidating charge, a person may have legal options that could be effective in their case. If you or a family member were accused of any type of drug trafficking, reach out to a diligent Denton drug trafficking lawyer immediately. They could evaluate the factors that may have contributed to your arrest and potentially investigate whether law enforcement employed constitutional methods when making the arrest. Legal consequences for drug trafficking can devastate a person’s livelihood and may result in significant jail time and fines. It is highly advisable for a person who has been charged with drug trafficking to speak with a seasoned drug lawyer before attempting to communicate with police or a prosecutor. Any statements could be used as evidence in a potential trial. Call and arrange for an appointment to start discussing potential legal strategies and defenses.