Prescription drug offenses are treated as seriously as any other controlled substance. This is because, many times, a person can get prescriptions for highly abused drugs such as Hydrocodone, Valium, or Xanax.

There are a lot of medical reasons to get these controlled substances as long as it is being monitored by a doctor. However, if a person does not have a valid prescription for these drugs, the prosecution is going to treat the person as if they were any other drug user.

To properly combat such charges, it is important that an individual consults with a Denton drug lawyer immediately. An experienced prescription drug attorney in Denton can help mount a strong defense to help secure a reduction or dismissal of any potential penalties.

Possession Without a Prescription

A person can be arrested for having prescription drugs on them if they do not have their prescription with them. Many times, when a person is arrested and an officer finds prescription drugs on that person, the individual may not have that drug in the bottle that it came in. This can often present problems during the arrest process because there is no way of verifying that the drugs are meant for the individual they were found on.

Further, the person may have the prescription drugs in a bag that is mixed with other drugs. An officer cannot often verify that those drugs are supposed to be possessed by the individual, so many times, they will arrest a person.

Proof of Prescription

If an individual can show proof of prescription, law enforcement will still sometimes arrest the individual. That is one important reason to hire a Denton prescription drug attorney. An individual can give the prescription to their attorney, so they can make sure that the prosecutor is aware that at the time of the arrest, the individual had a valid prescription for any drug that they were found in possession of.

If an individual had a prescription for one drug but then possesses a second drug that they do not have a prescription for, they could still be charged with possession. Such circumstances can be best explained using a Denton prescription drug lawyer.

If a person was once prescribed a prescription drug but then does not continue using it for medical purposes, then there is nothing preventing law enforcement from arresting that individual if they still have that controlled substance in their possession.

The Severity of the Crime

Denton courts treat prescription drug cases the same way they treat any other drug case. They will consid er any defenses a person has, like having a valid prescription, but they will not consider stuff like if the person has a prescription for that drug after the date of their arrest. This is because, at the time of the person’s arrest, the individual was not technically in possession of a controlled substance without that prescription.

The court will go after the individual on whatever charge they can pursue. To properly combat the charge, an individual should contact a Denton prescription drug lawyer as soon as possible.

Gathering Evidence

The evidence in Denton prescription drug cases is a bit different than in other drug cases. This is because there are valid reasons why a person might be taking some of these drugs, so much of the evidence will come down to whether or not a person was supposed to be taking these drugs.

However, there are specific nuances that must be addressed in Denton prescription drug cases. For example, a doctor may have given a person a sample of a prescription drug instead of a full prescription. This is different than having an actual prescription.

Many times, a Denton prescription drug attorney would have to present evidence that the doctor was the one who gave the person the prescription in question to take on a specific schedule. This will come into play whether or not a person can be found guilty of having a controlled dangerous substance without a prescription.