A person is in possession of a drug in Denton if they are in the actual care, custody, control, or management of that drug. Those are the things that a prosecutor will be looking for when determining whether they are going to want to charge a person. An attorney will also examine those factors when building a charge against any sort of allegation.

If you are facing a drug charge and are looking for legal representation, it is pertinent that you consult with a knowledgeable Denton drug possession attorney as soon as possible. An experienced Denton drug lawyer will be able to help minimize or dismiss any consequences you may be facing as a result of your charge.

Being Found in Possession

There are a number of ways that an individual could be found in possession of a drug in Denton and face serious penalties. For example, an individual may be growing marijuana in a greenhouse in their yard. If there is any way that an officer may come across this greenhouse legally, they may charge an individual with drug possession.

Further, an officer may see an individual at the beach with a joint on their ear, for instance. They may stop this individual, find other drugs in their purse or car, and the person suddenly could be facing possession charges. Such charges can be properly combatted using a drug possession attorney in Denton.

As long as law enforcement can determine that the drugs are in the person’s care, custody, control, and management, they will charge the person. Individuals who do not understand the decriminalization laws about possession that exist in Denton must understand them early on before they are charged because of the misconceptions they had about what could bring about charges. To defend against such charges, an individual should not hesitate before contacting an experienced Denton drug possession lawyer.

Severity of the Charge

Prosecuting drug possession crimes is a priority for local law enforcement. It is one of the major elements they look for in traffic stops. Other than DWIs, possession of drugs is one of the highest rates of arrest in Denton.

Law enforcement officers are constantly prosecuting such charges because they want to make sure these drugs are off the streets. These drugs are dangerous, and police do not want them to get in the hands of children. Also, they do not want the person potentially selling them to people, especially considering the proximity to the border. Denton law enforcement is trying to prohibit cartel individuals to reach Texas.

Benefits of a Drug Possession Attorney

When contacting a Denton drug possession lawyer, an individual should look for experience and knowledge, as well as their ability to talk with their client and work with them on a case. An experienced drug possession attorney in Denton will be able to listen to their client, take their concerns and questions seriously, and understand whatever facts they give them and try to use that to build a strong defense.

An experienced attorney will know exactly which information will be relevant to use in a defense, and how to help successfully recover on behalf of their client. If you have been charged with the crime of drug possession and are looking for legal representation, it is imperative to consult with a Denton drug possession lawyer immediately.