If you are facing drug charges in Denton, working with an experienced attorney is essential as they can help you build a defense to mitigate any penalties and consequences. There are a variety of penalties you face if you are convicted of your drug offense, so you want to be able to build your case as soon as possible. A skilled Denton drug lawyer can employ various defenses to fight any drug penalties in Denton hat their client may face.

Factors Influencing Penalties

There are a number of aggravating factors that influence the severity of drug penalties in Denton, such as the quantity of the substance. If a person had less than a gram, they might be looking at a state jail felony. If a person had 400 grams of a controlled penalty group one, they are looking at up to 99 years in jail. A lot of it is going to depend on how much a person has. A lot of it is also going to depend on what type of drug a person has. The penalties for having too much of a prescription drug on a person are going to be different than having more meth or heroin.

It is also going to come down to what crime was committed, so if they find drugs on a person and they were driving, and as a result of that the person crashed into them, that is going to definitely factor into the person’s punishment and how they are going to want to penalize the person for that. Location is a big factor influencing Denton drug penalties, if a person gets caught within a school zone, they are going to go after that person hard, especially if they find that that person was trying to distribute to children.

Repeat Offenders

Then a person’s criminal history, if a person is a first-time offender, someone who just fall on the hard times, will take that into consideration, but that is one reason why it is important to hire an attorney and they can bring it to their attention and try to make them come to an understanding about their client’s history to mitigate any Denton drug penalties.

Repeat offenders are often referred to as habitual offenders, and law enforcement and prosecutors are often going to try to charge a person as a habitual offender and they could potentially lock a person up for the rest of their life because they kept violating the law.

Working with a Lawyer

Denton attorneys will use the facts of their client’s case and try to lessen any drug penalties as much as possible. If it is possible, if a person is found guilty, they will try to get them probation. They will try to get the person the minimal amount of time they can in jail. A person does not want to go in by themselves, but they want to work with someone who knows the system, knows what do to and how to mitigate any penalties they face in Denton.

If a person wants to stay up to date and informed on any Denton drug penalties for offenses, it is important they contact an attorney. If they research it on their own, they have to make sure they are researching the right way and they are looking at good information. What a person is looking for is if they are arrested in Denton, is a violation of any city laws, violation of any state laws, and violation of federal laws. They can best receive this information from an experienced and local attorney.