Drug paraphernalia can potentially produce significant penalties on behalf of the individual charged. If for example, a person has a grinder, which is used for cutting up or grinding marijuana leaves into a smokeable substance, or has a bong or a pipe, that individual may be considered to be in possession of drug paraphernalia.

That is just one example of paraphernalia that may produce severe consequences. Such penalties can be argued against by contacting a Denton drug paraphernalia lawyer. An experienced drug attorney in Denton can gather the evidence associated with the charge and mount an effective defense strategy.

Examples of Paraphernalia

Many times, people may possess butane lighters because it is able to heat up a smoking vessel faster than a traditional lighter. This can be considered drug paraphernalia. Rolling papers or pill cutters may be considered examples of drug paraphernalia as well. To better understand the items that are considered paraphernalia, an individual should not hesitate before consulting with a Denton drug paraphernalia attorney.

It is important to make sure that a person knows what they have on their person when they are being investigated for potential possession of drug paraphernalia. Even if the drugs or associated paraphernalia is for a valid use, a person should still be careful.

Just because a person does not have drugs on them does not mean that they cannot be charged with possessing drug paraphernalia. If an individual is facing such a charge, they should hire a lawyer immediately. That is a completely different charge on its own.

Further examples of drug paraphernalia include:

  • Scales
  • Different types of storage, such as totes, cases, or Ziplock bags
  • Syringes

Just items like Ziplock bags or scales may not be enough. However, if law enforcement finds a grinder with the scales, or money and the Ziplock, the individual may then face a charge of drug paraphernalia. Such a charge should not be defended without the use of a drug paraphernalia lawyer in Denton.

Citation Process

Many times, an individual may not even be arrested for possessing drug paraphernalia. Sometimes, they will just be cited and sent home.

However, if a person is arrested with paraphernalia in conjunction with another drug, then they will be treated the same way a person would be in any other drug arrest situation. The individual would be arrested, sent through the jail system, and meet with a magistrate before they are advised on when or how to determine when they must appear in court.

Examining the Paraphernalia

A lot of times, the main paraphernalia charges come from marijuana-related offenses. If a person has a grinder but has no drugs associated with that grinder, the individual may not be charged. Often, paraphernalia is taken in conjunction with the person’s arrest or with the person’s drug citation.

An attorney will examine a number of elements to determine if an individual’s charge is valid, and that law enforcement is not trying to charge a person with something they cannot.

Discovery Process

Drug paraphernalia is often going to be discovered by the police during a stop or arrest. They will be the ones to find it and charge the person. Sometimes, for those individuals who are in school, a drug dog may be walking through the halls and smell residue of a certain illegal substance. In those instances, either the officer or school administrator may find it.

Potential Penalties

Typically, an individual will face a Class C misdemeanor for a drug paraphernalia charge. Such a charge will be handled by the justice peace court or a municipal court. In such cases, an individual will face a steep fine or sometimes even probation for a certain period of time. This depends on the factors and prosecutors involved in the case.

Benefits of a Paraphernalia Attorney

There are many things that a Denton drug paraphernalia lawyer can do to help a person defend against paraphernalia charges. There is also a lot of wiggle room when it comes to class C misdemeanor’s because many times, a person is not looking at jail as a sentence in regards to this.

Sometimes, a drug paraphernalia attorney in Denton can get the charge dismissed under certain circumstances. It is important to contact an attorney and talk with them about the specific case details so that they can give a person a solid answer on how they think they can best represent that individual.

A person caught with paraphernalia in Denton has all the same rights as they would if they had not been arrested. The individual is still going to be entitled to all the rights afforded to them by the United States Constitution. It is important to hire a Denton drug paraphernalia attorney so that the individual can make sure that none of their rights are being violated.