While attitudes in some states towards marijuana have shifted to a less strict mindset, the law enforcement in Denton still vigorously prosecutes marijuana possession. As a result, any individual who has been arrested or charged with a marijuana possession offense may want to reach out to a Denton marijuana possession lawyer. It may be significantly important to retain such services in an expedited manner and without speaking to law enforcement, as anything a person says could be used against them in court. Contact a knowledgeable drug attorney immediately to start discussing your potential legal options.

Understanding the Severity of a Marijuana Possession Charge

As the views on marijuana usage and possession have changed in modern culture, some individuals may believe that a marijuana possession offense may not incur significant legal consequences. However, the legislation corresponding to marijuana possession has not completely shifted with the change in attitude. In consequence, a person who is facing marijuana possession charges should consult with an experienced Denton marijuana possession lawyer and refrain from dismissing the severity of the alleged offense.

In most cases, marijuana possession is charged as a misdemeanor. However, a conviction for such an offense could impede a person’s ability to obtain gainful employment or future education opportunities as a publicly accessible and permanent criminal record would be created. Many employers and academic institutions prefer accepting applicants without a history of criminal activity. While a person may not initially view a marijuana possession charge as significant, an employer or university could have a different viewpoint.

Leniency is Discretionary Not Guaranteed

Convictions for an intent to distribute accusation or possession of narcotics and controlled substances typically have more harsh penalties than a simple marijuana possession conviction. It is important for an accused individual to understand that while leniency is possible, it is not a guaranteed part of a marijuana possession case.

As some states have begun to decriminalize or legalize possession of specific amounts of marijuana, it has not influenced the way that Denton police enforce marijuana laws. Furthermore, Denton does not typically recognize medical or prescribed marijuana.

First Time Offenders

Certain circumstances can influence the way certain cases are treated. In some instances, a person who is accused of a marijuana possession charge for the first-time could receive more leniency than a person with a long history of legal infractions, especially when the amount of the drug is minimal. However, it is strongly encouraged for a person to discuss possible legal strategies with an adept Denton marijuana possession lawyer before assuming anything about their case.

Contact a Marijuana Possession Lawyer in Denton Immediately

The legal system can become complicated quickly. A person who is unfamiliar with Denton criminal legal procedures may severely benefit from seeking advocacy from a qualified Denton marijuana possession lawyer. If you or a family member were charged with any type of marijuana offense, contact an attorney who is well-practiced in defending against such charges. Legal consequences for a marijuana possession conviction could negatively impact a person’s livelihood. Call and schedule an appointment for a legal consultation to begin reviewing your potential defense strategies.