If you are facing drug charges in Denton, working with an experienced attorney is essential as they can help you build a strong defense.

There are a variety of penalties and consequences you face if you are convicted of your drug offenses, so you want to be able to build as solid of a defense as possible from the beginning of your case. A skilled Denton drug lawyer can employ various drug defense strategies in Denton to fight their client’s charges.


A district attorney in Denton will look at the facts of each case and determine how hard they want to prosecute a case. If a person is caught with heroin or meth, the prosecutors will want to heavily prosecute them. If a person is a first-time offender with a less serious scheduled drug and a small amount, they might not prosecute that person as harshly as they would someone else.

These factors can change based on various situations, such as location. It is important to fight any drug charges that someone faces as soon as they can. They can do so by first conducting an investigation utilizing their various resources.

Denton drug lawyers have access to legal resources that they can easily research for any assistance in a case and an investigation. For a defense, attorneys also have resources they can bring in such as drug experts and expert witnesses who can help to solidify a defense with established opinions from other professionals, as needed for their client’s case.

Constitutional Issues

Constitutional issues are often investigated to build a person’s defense. An example of a constitutional issue that might arise out of a drug case is if the police had searched a person’s house without a warrant. In a situation, for example, where a person is in their apartment, and an officer walks by and requests to enter on a suspicion of illegal drug use, they are not permitted to enter. Officers have to have search warrants or a person’s permission or consent to search the house.

If they came to that person’s house without a warrant and they just said they are going to search it, that is not allowed. There has to be a specific reason why they are doing that. That is one common constitutional issue that comes up often when building a defense for a drug offense in Corpus Christi.

Lessening Potential Penalties

One of the things an attorney can do to lessen any potential penalties that an individual may face as a result of a Denton drug charge is to put together a mitigation package. An attorney will gather letters of reference of people who know that person to do so. They will get those people to write a letter about the individual in order to state that they are a favorable member of society.

For example, if the client is a college student with straight A’s and is very involved on campus, an attorney will gather that information and put it together into a nice mitigation package. They will hand that to the prosecutor and say that the individual is not a bad person and is just someone that has made a mistake. An attorney will argue that it is more important to work with the client than to imprison them.

Importance of Open Communication

An individual charged with a drug offense in Denton should be prepared to share all of the information they have with an experienced attorney. An individual’s lawyer must know about their history, their family structure, any prior criminal convictions, and similar elements to ensure that they are sufficiently prepared when discussing the charge with a prosecutor.

Being misinformed can ruin the individual’s credibility in the eyes of the prosecutor and the court. This, in turn, could hurt the person’s case. It is most important to be completely honest with an attorney. If a person thinks that the information may not be relevant, it is still imperative to divulge that information to a lawyer. Only they can determine whether or not the information at hand is relevant in building a solid defense strategy.

Working with a Denton Drug Lawyer

A person facing drug charges should call a drug attorney immediately to begin building a defense to their drug charges. They do not want to procrastinate on this issue and believe that it is going to go away. Someone should call for assistance immediately.

Anyone facing drug charges should have a lawyer for a number of reasons. The main reason is because a person does not know the legal system as well as a licensed attorney does. A lot of times, attorneys will have built relationships and they will be able to talk on that person’s behalf a lot better than if a person goes at it themselves. A skilled Corpus Christi drug attorney can guide the person through their defense, answer a lot of a person’s questions, and quell a lot of that person’s fears.