In a drug conspiracy case, Denton prosecutors need to prove that two or more people agreed to commit an illegal act and took an action to further the agreement. Individuals facing a conspiracy charge could be looking at a federal offense and severe penalties.

Since conspiracy charges tend to be unique and could affect other charges a person may face, a defendant may benefit from speaking to a Denton drug conspiracy lawyer. A knowledgeable drug attorney could advocate on your behalf and fight for you.

Understanding Drug Conspiracy Charges

Drug conspiracy charges are typically federal crimes, not state-level crimes. While it may be a less serious crime than the actual underlying offense, the penalty could be more severe depending on the underlying planned crime and whether or not the crime that the defendants allegedly conspired to commit was actually committed. A defendant may also be charged with both the conspiracy and the underlying offense provided that the separate underlying case came to fruition and happened. For example, if two people agreed to traffic large quantities of cocaine to make a drug deal, they could be facing a conspiracy charge along with a trafficking offense.

Furthering the Conspiracy

To take an action toward furthering that conspiracy may be more subjective in general and case-by-case. If two persons agreed and shook hands that they were going to rob a bank, but never discuss it again and there was never any follow up on it, it still may be a conspiracy case if they rented a van and started researching the bank schematics and where their vault was. Furthering a conspiracy is when the individuals had begun to act on the agreement. A seasoned Denton conspiracy attorney could further explain more about this type of drug charge.

Drug Conspiracy Investigations in Denton

Drug conspiracy investigations typically work by law enforcement gathering evidence sufficient to meet the elements of both conspiracy and the underlying crime, if that underlying crime was followed through. Law enforcement will look for any information that could help them prove that the defendants attempted to commit a drug crime. A drug conspiracy lawyer in Denton could counter a prosecutor’s investigation by gathering evidence that disputes the criminal allegation.

Some tools or investigative techniques law enforcement could use when building drug conspiracy cases could include confidential informants. They may post as undercover officers in an attempt to purchase narcotics from an individual or group that they suspect of illicit activity.

How a Denton Drug Conspiracy Attorney Could Help

If you have been charged with a drug conspiracy offense, you could be facing severe penalties that include imprisonment and expensive fines. Therefore, you may want to seek the services of a Denton drug conspiracy lawyer as soon as possible. An attorney could stand by your side and advocate on your behalf throughout the legal process. Call today to set up a consultation with an accomplished legal professional. The sooner you contact an attorney, the sooner a lawyer could begin working on your case.