There are certain drugs that are penalized more harshly than others in Denton. However, the most common drug penalized is marijuana and synthetic marijuana, which is treated differently than the natural version of it. The synthetic marijuana is treated as a controlled substance and so it is going to be, most times, in the felony range when it comes to the punishment.

Although marijuana is the most common drug charge in Denton, it is imperative that an individual consults with a lawyer in determining how to best proceed after their drug charge. An experienced Denton drug lawyer can build a defense to help secure a positive outcome on behalf of their client.

Common Crimes

Most of the common drug charges that law enforcement sees in Denton relates to drugs coming from the possession of marijuana. This is most likely because it is one of the easiest drugs for people to obtain. Further, attorneys may represent children in possession of marijuana cases as well. The expansiveness of the charge is so vast that both adults and teens are often involved in much of the common drug crimes that occur in Denton.

Many people will use marijuana to relax, and the frequency of this drug can lead to many arrests. At some points, drug lawyers in Denton were seeing at least 30 cases a week of people being arrested for the possession of marijuana. The common nature of this drug crime in Denton leads law enforcement to be particularly serious when prosecuting an individual for drug possession.

Medically Approved Drugs

If drugs are medically approved, but an individual is abusing them, then they are essentially acting without a prescription in many ways. This may occur if someone takes more of a dosage than is recommended for them. Such abuse may be criminally prosecuted.

Intimidation of the Charge

Many times, the intimidation factor of some of the common drug charges in Denton comes down to what the consequences of having one of these charges could be. If a person is on government benefits, sometimes, a person can lose those just because of a common Denton drug charge.

Such setbacks also may occur if a person is actively looking for employment. If a person has a charge on their record, employers may be much more hesitant to hire that individual.

Short-Term Consequences

Many of the short-term consequences of a drug charge center around employment. Texas is an “at-will” state, so many times, if the employer feels that a person’s arrest might negatively affect them, then they may terminate the individual. If an individual is a teacher, they may lose their job.

The same element will apply to doctors or anyone who is licensed by the state of Texas to work there. Many of the short-term consequences stem from the stigma of the charge as well. A person may suffer personal consequences from other people knowing about the charge. This can affect their reputation in the community.

Long-Term Consequences

Many of the long-term consequences are similar to the short-term ones. They mostly deal with employment issues. For instance, if an individual is 18 or so and is found guilty of a drug offense, they may face dire consequences in the future. The person may not be able to find a job or obtain a specific employment license in Texas.

For example, if an individual has a class B charge, that will prohibit them from becoming a police officer in Texas for a minimum of 10 years. The consequences that an individual may face later in life that stem from a Denton drug charge can be quite severe.

Severity of the Crime

Denton law enforcement has been trying to crack down on all drug-related offenses. They do not target one drug over another. If it is an illegal drug that is in question, an individual can be certain that they are going to be arrested.

If a person has an illegal drug and they are stopped by Denton police and they find it, the individual is going to be arrested and charged with a drug crime. It is at this point that an individual should not hesitate before consulting legal counsel, and securing a strong defense to help properly combat the accusation.