The city of Denton maintains a strict policy regarding the possession of drugs. Denton drug arrests can result in severe punishment for anyone, including expensive fines and jail time. The punishment for the charge depends on the substance and the quantity of that specific substance. If you have been charged with a drug offense, contact an accomplished lawyer who has experience handling cases involving controlled substances.

Arrest Procedure for Drug-Related Charges

The arrest procedure for drugs depends if the offender was arrested on-view or if it was after a warrant was obtained. An on-view arrest is when the offense occurred in the presence of the officer. An example is when a person is driving, gets pulled over for a traffic violation, and then drugs are found in that person’s possession.

There is no amount of bond set so the accused offender is booked into jail and awaits to see a magistrate. The magistrate looks at the police reports and the evidence collected to make a determination as to if that person could have potentially committed the offense. If the magistrate thinks the person did commit the offense, then they set the bond. The accused offender would have to pay the bond themselves or hire an attorney to post the bond to be released from jail.

Sometimes in a Denton drug arrest case, the judge may require the person to take a urine analysis during the pre-trial period.

Avoiding Charges

A person can avoid the penalties for an arrest if the police officer does not believe that they have enough evidence on them. An example of someone not being arrested right away is when the police use an undercover snitch to buy drugs. The police may have all the evidence needed to make the arrest but choose not to because they want to use the undercover snitch in other cases. Instead, law enforcement takes that case back to the district attorney and the district attorney would get an indictment.

Most of the indictments in Texas are now sealed indictments, which means if an individual has not been arrested, they may not know if there is an arrest warrant out there for them until they are actually picked up.

This could happen when a police officer comes to serve a warrant. It could also happen when an officer pulls someone over for a traffic violation and then runs a warrant check and sees that the person has one.

Aggravating Factors

The type and quantity at the time of a Denton drug arrest can affect what the bond is set at. The more the number of drugs, typically, the higher the bond is set. Also, there are the different penalty groups. If an individual is in a high penalty group, Penalty Group 1 or Penalty Group 5, it carries more severe consequences.

There is also the criminal history of the person and any other aggravating factors, such as if there is a gun involved, if they were in a drug-free zone, et cetera. The more aggravating factors against a person, the higher the bond they face.