In Corpus Christ, a typical arrest starts with the officer placing the person in handcuffs, reading them their rights, and letting them know what they are being arrested for. Then, they will take the person to central processing. When this occurs and a person is placed under arrest, it is important to consult with an experienced drug attorney in Denton immediately. A qualified lawyer will be able to help an individual understand the specific elements of their charge, and how to best defend against any possible penalties.

Central Processing

After bringing an individual in for processing, law enforcement will take the person’s mugshot and their fingerprints. Sometimes, they will get a swab of DNA from the person’s mouth. Many times, they will take the person to a jail nurse or technician, someone who can see maybe if the person is going to be contagious or if the person has a contagious disease.

A lot of times, they will make the person take a shower with delousing powder to make sure the person is not going to spread lice or anything like that, and then eventually, the person is going to see a magistrate judge who will look at the person’s case, see what they are being charged with, and will set their bail based off of those factors.

That judge is not going to determine whether or not the person is guilty. Many times, they will remind the person of their rights. Their main purpose is to set the person’s bail and tell the individual how much it is going to cost them to get out of jail.

Quantity of the Drug

The amount of drugs found during the Denton arrest process is going to determine a lot more when it comes to bail. The arrest process is going to be almost exactly the same no matter the quantity of drugs.

Law enforcement will still arrest the person and go through the process the same way, but the judge will consider how much and what type of drug it is when setting the person’s bond. Possessing a little bit of marijuana is not going to equate to as high of a bond or bail amount as possessing a large amount of cocaine.

Aggravating Factors

In terms of aggravating factors in the Denton drug arrest process, there may be some sort of criminal informant, for example. This person may state that the individual is about to leave the country because they know they are under investigation. That might move up the timetables of the trial.

Further, if law enforcement is trying to get the DEA or the federal government involved in an investigation, maybe because the person is transporting drugs across state lines or because it is a federal investigation, that might move up the timetable of the trial a lot. A lot of the elements involved in the Denton drug arrest process is going to depend on each unique factor of the case.

History of Drug Arrests

People that have a history of drug arrests are at risk for facing further consequences. Many times, an individual may be arrested for simply being at the scene of the crime, even if they have done nothing wrong. Often, a person is simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Unfortunately, the police have no way of verifying that. Often, they will pick the person up and charge them with a drug crime. At this point in the Denton drug arrest process, an individual should consult with an experienced attorney to begin building a defense strategy.

Avoiding Self-Incrimination

It is important that an individual is aware of the elements available to them to avoid self-incrimination throughout the Denton drug arrest process. An individual should know that they have the right to remain silent. If they do not want to talk to the officer, they should tell the officer that they are invoking their right to remain silent.

Further, an individual can claim that they do not wish to answer any more questions until they have an attorney with them. It is an individual’s right to say this in order to avoid self-incrimination. However, when saying these things, it is important that an individual is polite about it. Saying the wrong thing could be potentially damaging to an individual’s criminal case.