Those in Denton found guilty of committing crimes of drug-related offenses are regularly subject to long terms of incarceration, extended periods of probationary supervision, onerous monetary fines, and a whole host of ancillary consequences that can linger for years. A Denton drug lawyer stands ready to review the facts of your case, develop persuasive arguments on your behalf and work tirelessly to achieve the most favorable outcome possible.

Because each drug charge is factually distinct, it is crucial for those accused of such offenses to waste no time in crafting an effective defense strategy. A skilled defense lawyer is essential help in your case. 

Drugs Commonly Associated with Criminal Charges

In addition to the well-known drugs typically associated with criminal activity, the Texas Controlled Substances Act lists several chemical compounds and precursors also capable of yielding charges. Common substances involved with violations of drug laws in Denton include:

  • Marijuana
  • Crack cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Powder cocaine
  • LSD
  • Oxycodone
  • Ecstasy
  • Synthetic cannabinoid products
  • Methamphetamine

Frequently Charged Denton Drug Crimes

Drug charges in Texas can take many forms, and it is important for defendants to enlist the aid of an Denton drug attorney familiar with a wide range of offenses. Whether brought in state or federal courts, commonly charged drug crimes in Texas include:

Impact of Conviction 

The specific drug that is alleged to have been possessed, trafficked, manufactured or used will play a large role in the seriousness of the charges lodged. Those found guilty of drug crimes in Texas can anticipate severe consequences including jail terms, crippling fines, possible job loss, license revocation, and damage to overall reputation.

For these reasons, it is essential for accused parties to identify an attorney with a track record of securing positive outcomes that include reduction of charges, dismissals of charges, penalty mitigation, and acceptance into diversionary or treatment programs.

Potential Drug Defenses

Though the specter of a Texas drug charge is universally unsettling, and panic can quickly take hold, it is important for defendants to remember that accused parties are presumed innocent until proven guilty and each element of the crime charged must be proved beyond reasonable doubt.

Solid defenses to drug charges often exist, and it is frequently possible to have evidence produced by an illegal search excluded from use. Ultimately, it is the job of a skilled Denton drug crimes attorney to explore all weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and actively exploit them on the client’s behalf.

How A Denton Drug Attorney Can Help

If you are currently facing a drug charge in Texas, the fear and uncertainty you feel are likely palpable. However, a Denton drug lawyer is prepared to protect your rights and work to secure the positive outcome you desire.