Simple assault is defined as the unwanting touching of another person. When an individual punches someone but leaves no bodily injury, then the person could be charged with simple assault with no other aggravating factors associated with it. Simple assault charges may not seem serious, but they can still carry harsh consequences. If you have been arrested for simple assault, contact a Denton simple assault lawyer to see how they could help. An adept assault attorney could fight tirelessly in your defense.

Charges for Simple Assault

The level of the offense for a simple assault charge depends on many factors. Usually, simple assault is charged as a Class C misdemeanor. An example of a Class C misdemeanor for simple assault would be if someone is threatening or asking people if they want to fight. A threat is different than someone actually making contact with another person. Another example is if an individual pats someone on the butt that is unwarranted. The unauthorized contact could be charged as a Class C misdemeanor.

If someone intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly caused a bodily injury to another person, then they could be facing a Class A misdemeanor. Class A misdemeanors are more serious than Class C misdemeanors and can carry much harsher consequences. Anyone facing simple assault charges should contact a Denton simple assault lawyer who could attempt to mitigate the penalties the defendant faces.

Court Cases for Simple Assault

Simple assault trials are going to be held in the county, municipal, justice, or peace courts. Whichever court it is, prosecutors treat the assault charges very seriously. This is why it is imperative for the defendant to seek the services of a seasoned lawyer.

In simple assault cases, the defendant and their attorney have the option to have a bench or jury trial. This means they can have the case heard in front of just the judge or in front of a jury. Ultimately, the decision to choose a jury trial or bench trial rests in the hands of the defendant. However, an assault attorney in Denton could help an individual make an informed decision.

Penalties for Simple Assault Offenses

When someone is charged with a Class C misdemeanor, they are looking at a fine. The maximum fine for a Class C misdemeanor is $500. A Class C misdemeanor is not going to result in jail time. However, it is important to understand that a conviction for a Class C misdemeanor still affects a person’s criminal record and could cause aggravating charges for future arrests. This means if the individual is charged with another Class C misdemeanor, they could face imprisonment. For Class A misdemeanors, a person is facing up to a year in county jail and a $4,000 fine. If the individual is convicted of the crime, they may have to pay the fine, go to jail, or both.

Importance of Hiring a Denton Simple Assault Attorney

A Denton simple assault lawyer could attempt to keep your record clean. It is important to avoid conviction even for a Class C misdemeanor because if you are arrested again, the prior conviction can enhance the charges. Assault charges could also affect someone’s future employment.

Even if you think a simple assault charge is not a big deal, you should still obtain an attorney. An experienced lawyer can stand by your side to ensure that you are getting the best possible defense.