Assault could be interpreted as the intent to harm someone. An assault on an officer could have enhanced penalties, even more so when the assailant has a weapon or has caused an officer physical harm. If you have been charged with this offense, it is highly recommended to retain the services of a seasoned assault attorney. A Denton assault on an officer lawyer may be able to offer you the legal counsel you deserve.

Are Judges the Same as Officers?

Judges could be considered officers in their official capacity, or in other words when they are legally allowed to exercise judgment upon an individual. If a judge is assaulted in their official capacity, they could be treated the same as officers. However, if they were to be assaulted by a person who had no idea that they were a judge, official capacity could be ruled out. It is the duty of the prosecution to prove official capacity in a case should the issue could come up in a court of law. A Denton assault on an officer lawyer could provide an individual with more information.

The Seriousness of Assault Charges

Assault charges could be extremely serious. If an assault occurred on an officer, the prosecution and the courts may be more inclined to see the person go to jail for a long time. They understand that officers are protecting the public and may want to ensure that officers are safe when fulfilling their duties. By treating these cases serious, the courts could possibly be trying to deter anyone from assaulting an officer in the future.

Building an Assault on an Officer Defense

The defense could be built around the evidence presented, anything else could be inadmissible in court or easily refuted by the prosecution. There are no set defenses for any types of crimes. The evidence presented could give both the prosecution and the defense the basis for which the case could potentially be argued on.

If a person were to assault an officer while intoxicated, that could be a mitigating factor given the context of the crime. A court may want to examine whether or not the individual intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly, assaulted law enforcement. There are many other determining factors at play in this context. A Denton assault on an officer lawyer could take all factors into account when building an individual’s case.

Importance of Hiring a Denton Assault on an Officer Attorney

It is extremely important to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to be in charge or handling your case. Assault charges alone are very serious. When you add in a police officer, the charge could be aggressively handled by the prosecution and the judge. An attorney has the proper experience to speak with the prosecution and courts in order to potentially lessen the charges.

If you have been charged with this type of assault, do not hesitate to get in contact with a Denton assault on an officer lawyer. A professional attorney could be able to handle your case and provide you with the correct legal guidance to potentially see you walking away from this charge unharmed.

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