Being investigated for a crime can be a tough and nerve-racking time period for anyone. Citizens have the right to not be harmed by others, which is why prosecutors take assault cases very seriously. In Texas, an assault conviction may result in a fine, or imprisonment, or both. If you are facing assault charges, contact an experienced assault defense lawyer right away. An attorney could stand by your side and provide legal advice throughout Denton assault investigations.

Length of Investigations

The length of Denton assault investigations varies depending on the facts of the case. It depends on the type of assault the individual is going to be charged with and what the specific circumstance of the offense is. If a person pushes someone and an officer is able to witness the push, many times, the police are going to go ahead and arrest that person.

If it is an incident of assault that involved intoxication, law enforcement is going to wait and gather more information to see if they can actually charge the person with an intoxication assault offense. The police will need to see if that person was drinking or on drugs before charging them with intoxication assault. If it is an aggravated assault charge, the police need to ensure the crime meets all the necessary statutory requirements to charge the person with that offense.

Assault cases could vary from an immediate arrest to being a drawn-out investigation in order to collect more evidence.

Burden of Proof

When prosecutors are doing an assault investigation in Denton, they need to make sure the assault offense meets one of three criteria. The three ways to be charged with assault are:

  • The individual intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly caused bodily injury to another person
  • The individual intentionally or knowingly threaten someone with imminent bodily harm
  • The individual intentionally or knowingly caused physical contact with another person and that person regarded that contact as offensive or provocative

The Process of Conducting an Investigation

Denton assault investigations are usually conducting by the Denton County Sheriff’s Office or the Denton Police Department. Either one of these departments will take the assault complaint and then begin gathering evidence. Most of the time, the evidence is going to include written statements from the person making the complaint and any witnesses. Law enforcement is then going to gather pictures of the alleged injuries sustained from the assault. If there are no noticeable injuries, it could be hard for the prosecution team to make a case.

The police will try to interview as many people as possible so they can get other people’s side of the story from the incident. If an individual is being accused of assault, it is important that they do not talk to law enforcement without having an accomplished defense attorney present.

Evidence Collected in an Assault Case

The evidence collecting in an assault case is going to be pictures, witness statements, and witness testimonies. Sometimes, law enforcement will even call doctors to review medical records. They will be looking for x-rays and any statements from the doctor relating to the injuries.

A person being charged with an assault offense could benefit from having an experienced attorney who could gather evidence for a defense. If you are facing assault charges, contact a lawyer who is well-versed in Denton assault investigations and could protect your rights during a case.