Assault charges can be intimidating and anyone who faces them could be looking at paying expensive fines and/or jail time. This is why it is important that you understand what steps you need to take following an assault arrest in Denton. These actions could help your charges get dropped or mitigated. For more information, call a well-established defense lawyer today.

Arrest Procedure

Usually, following an assault arrest in Denton, the defendant is taken to the Denton County Detention Center and they are booked. After being booked, the individual is taken before a magistrate judge and the magistrate will inform them what their rights are and then set a bond.

From there, the person has the ability to either pay the bond on their own or go through a bonding company in order to be released from jail. If an individual is unable to make bond, they have to sit in jail until they are able to retain an attorney.

Keep Quiet About the Arrest

When a person is arrested for a criminal charge, it is vital that they do not talk to anyone about the arrest. They should not go around telling their friends and family about the charge. Every person an individual talks to about their case could potentially be called to testify against them.

It is important that people understand that anything they say could be used against them in court. Following an assault arrest in Denton, the only person the defendant should be talking to about the charge is their attorney.

Obtaining Legal Counsel

Whenever someone is arrested, they should attempt to hire a lawyer as soon as possible. The attorney could answer questions for the defendant and make sure the person does not say anything that could harm their case. Also, it is important that the lawyer is able to begin building a defense right away. An attorney will go through medical records, security camera footage, and talk to witnesses to try to find out exactly what happened.

The longer an individual waits to hire an experienced defense lawyer, the more likely that some of the evidence vanishes. After a while, security cameras can be deleted. Additionally, witnesses may not remember the events of the incident as clearly after a long period of time.

Aggravating Factors in Denton Assault Cases

It is common for assault offenses to also involve aggravating factors that elevate the charges. Aggravating factors for assault may include domestic violence, assaulting a public servant, or assault with a weapon. If a person has a prior criminal history, then they could be facing elevated charges. In these situations, the individual could be looking at felony charges. Felony assault charges carry up to 20 years in jail and a fine of up to $10,000. Knowing what to do following an assault arrest in Denton could help someone avoid facing aggravating factors.

There are also mitigating factors such as if the defendant acting in self-defense or there was a mistaken identity. An accomplished defense attorney could possibly help a defendant get their charges mitigated. Consult a seasoned lawyer today to see how legal counsel could benefit you.