In Texas, assault is defined as when someone intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly caused bodily harm to another, threatened another with bodily harm, or caused offensive physical contact. First-degree assault is the highest level of assault someone can receive. A person facing Denton first-degree assault penalties is looking at numerous years in jail and a hefty fine. For first-degree felonies, individuals are facing anywhere from five to life in prison and up to a $10,000 fine.

If you are facing first-degree assault charges, you should contact a seasoned assault lawyer who could stand by your side throughout the legal process and build a viable defense. Call today to schedule a consultation.

First-Degree Assault Involving a Weapon

When someone is charged with committing first-degree assault, a weapon is almost was involved. It may not necessarily be a gun, but it could be a baseball bat or a bottle. Anytime an object could be used in a deadly manner, the prosecutors could elevate the assault offense to a first-degree felony.

For example, if an individual gets into a bar fight and they kick someone while wearing steel-toe boots and causes a broken nose and contusions to the head, they could be charged with aggravated assault without using a weapon.

Long-Term Implications of First-Degree Assault Penalties

There are several long-term implications for someone facing Denton first-degree assault penalties. First, that individual is going to be a convicted felon, which comes with a number of restrictions. Many individuals in Texas enjoy hunting as a hobby but convicted felons can never go hunting again because that will be considered illegal possession of a firearm.

Finding employment for a felon is also going to be much more difficult. Convicted felons could be ineligible to vote. Also, the person may have to check in with their parole officer several times in the future. The number of restrictions that are placed on a convicted felon can make it much harder for someone to find a job, make a living, and enjoy other aspects of life that they previously were able to.

One of the most common defenses for a first-degree assault is self-defense. This is why it is essential for someone facing first-degree assault penalties in Denton to obtain an experienced lawyer who could advocate on their behalf and gather evidence of the case.

How a Denton First-Degree Assault Attorney Could Help

An individual never wants to assume that if the prosecutors can easily prove the alleged offense was a first-degree assault. It is important to remember that prosecutors have to prove that the offense occurred beyond a reasonable doubt. There are many ways an attorney could help someone get their charges mitigated or possibly thrown out. A dedicated lawyer can investigate the situation and build a defense that could bring the best possible outcome for the defendant.

This is why if you are facing Denton first-degree assault penalties, you should seek the services of legal counsel. First-degree assault charges are too serious to fight alone. Contact a lawyer today to see how an attorney could assist your situation.

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