When defending against assault charges, an attorney could ask you about the specific situation surrounding the case, and then compare your account to the police reports, videos, witness statements, and other forms of evidence.

A dedicated lawyer could prove to be of great value to your case. Get in contact with an attorney with experience in assault cases for legal assistance and guidance in defending assault charges in Denton. By taking such action, you could potentially increase your chances of building a good defense for yourself.

Types of Evidence

When defending assault charges in Denton, a defense attorney may be looking for evidence in police reports and eyewitness accounts. Other pieces of evidence could be more valuable than others. For example, a video capturing the crime could trump any statement made by the witness that is not in accordance with the events seen in the video. DNA evidence could also be of high value, but for these cases, attorneys may rely on police reports, witnesses, and videos.

Risks of Being Dishonest

Defending assault charges in Denton could be an intimidating thing to experience for the accused. The potential consequences following a conviction could be serious and may cause the accused to act in ways in which they normally would not. For example, an accused person may be inclined to sway the truth in their benefit. It is imperative that a person accused of assault be honest and transparent with an attorney. An attorney is the only person that will vouch for them in a court of law. Dishonesty could lead to a weak defense,

By being open with an attorney, the accused gives the attorney a fair chance at a trial. Withholding certain information from an attorney, or not completely telling the truth about a fact could lead an attorney to build a defense on falsities. The prosecution could easily refute such defenses by presenting evidence and stating the facts of the case. Being honest with an attorney is the beginning of a strong defense and the accused should not be afraid of being transparent with their defense lawyer.

Retaining the Services of a Denton Assault Attorney

When looking for an attorney, there are various characteristics that you should be looking for. An attorney with experience in handling these sorts of cases could prove to be a key component towards building a successful defense. They can use the knowledge they have gathered over the years to possibly predict how the prosecution might attack the case.

An attorney with experience may also be acquainted with the prosecution and the judge. This could possibly work in your favor should the case ever come to a plea deal. The plea deal could present an extremely positive outcome for you. These deals require that both the prosecution and the defense be on the same page. Defending assault charges in Denton may prove to be a daunting task, but an experienced defense attorney could work tirelessly to see that you have a fair trial with a well-prepared defense.