When it becomes apparent that criminal charges are looming or if they have already been filed, the thoughts of an accused individual almost certainly will go in a number of different directions. The possibility of jail time, financially crippling penalties, license revocation, job loss, and permanent damage to standing in the community are all frightening prospects which become all too real at times like these.

Anyone facing a criminal charge in Denton, Texas needs to take swift action in order to ensure that their right to fairness is asserted at every stage of the process. A Denton criminal lawyer is prepared to champion your cause and work tirelessly toward securing the positive outcome upon which your future prospects depend.

Common Concerns of Those Accused

It is not difficult to understand the ways in which fear and intimidation can paralyze someone who has been charged with a crime in Texas, preventing them from seeking the zealous legal advocacy they truly need. Individuals in predicaments of this nature may be wondering how much jail time they may be facing, whether they will have a permanent criminal record, and whether they will be able to hold onto their job.

A thousand other pressing questions will present themselves, including how to go about finding an experienced criminal attorney in Denton who will go to all available lengths to present the defendant’s side of the story and reduce, or perhaps even achieve dismissal of the pending charges.

Given all that is at stake for those charged with criminal offenses in Texas, the process of obtaining competent legal counsel must be taken extremely seriously.

Crimes and Penalties

The Texas legislature has provided the citizenry with an expansive articulation of what constitutes a number of distinct criminal acts within the state, as well as the potential penalties that go along with them. Texas Penal Code Title 3, Chapter 3 differentiates between offenses that constitute felonies and those less serious crimes categorized as misdemeanors.

Soon after being charged with a crime, it is important for a defendant to familiarize him or herself with the sanctions that can be imposed if they are convicted. Depending on the severity of the crime in question, penalties may range anywhere from simple monetary fines for minor offenses, all the way up to life in prison or capital punishment for the most significant crimes.

Criminal Offenses

Regardless of the specifics surrounding a criminal charge in Denton, TX, all defendants need and deserve aggressive defense counsel who will work to undermine the prosecution’s arguments wherever possible.

A seasoned Denton, TX criminal attorney will possess comprehensive knowledge of how to defend against charges including those related to:

  • Assault
  • Homicide
  • Human trafficking
  • Fraud
  • Computer crimes
  • Robbery
  • Offenses against the family
  • Sex crimes
  • Offenses related to alcohol/driving while intoxicated
  • Kidnapping

Defense Strategies

While it is not uncommon and certainly understandable for someone accused of a crime to feel as though they have little chance of overcoming the challenges ahead, there are often several helpful avenues of defense that can be employed on their behalf. Many charges are the result of illegally obtained evidence or unconstitutional police stops.

When this is the case, a skilled criminal defense attorney can seek to have such evidence excluded for use in court proceedings, greatly reducing the likelihood of conviction. By punching holes in the state’s arguments at every possible opportunity, it is frequently possible to ameliorate or even eliminate the impact of a criminal charge on a defendant’s life.

Role of the Denton Criminal Defense Advocate

There can be no denying the negative, lasting effects a criminal conviction can have, not just on the accused but also on those they love.

The social stigma, incarceration, fines, and professional harm such outcomes routinely produce may take a lifetime from which to fully recover. If you are currently facing charges in Texas and are seeking a Denton criminal lawyer who is ready to fight for your rights, contact us today.

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