The family courts in Dallas handle legal conflicts within the family. These can include the institution of protective orders after allegations of domestic violence, matters involving the care and custody of children, divorces, and even adoptions.

It is important that you understand the gravity of family law matters, as all people are required to follow the court’s rulings. As a result, the outcome of a family court case can have a profound impact on your life.

A Dallas family lawyer could help you protect your interests in family court. An experienced attorney could work to explain the laws as they pertain to your situation, take the necessary steps to initiate a case in court, and work to meet your goals every step of the way.

The Role of the Family Courts

Many family relationships carry a legal effect. This is true in all marriages, parent/child relationships, and even for some cohabitations that are not marriages. As a result, any end to these relationships or major changes in their structure must go through the family courts.

Perhaps the most prominent example of this is divorce. Texas Family Code §6 outlines the reasons a couple may move for a divorce as well as the procedure to do so. The Family Code also contains the rules for how a court decides many key matters in divorces, such as the division of property, the distribution of debts, and whether one spouse is responsible to provide alimony.

Other family court matters involve care and maintenance of children. Courts are obligated to keep the best interests of a child as the paramount concern in all family law cases. This applies whether a court is approving a parenting plan in a divorce, determining an appropriate amount of child support, or even deciding whether a prospective parent is qualified to adopt a child. A Dallas family attorney could provide guidance through the court system and help people better understand the legal dynamics of their situation.

How an Experienced Family Law Attorney Could Help

Because of the long-lasting impact that a family law case can have on a person’s life, working with a dedicated lawyer could be crucial. A Dallas family law attorney may be able to provide an essential advantage.

The first area where an attorney could help is in the proper initiation of a case. Family courts have strict rules concerning how to file a case or respond as a defendant. A failure to follow these rules could give the other party an advantage in the case or even lead to a default judgment.

An attorney could also help to present a case persuasively. Especially in unpaid child support or alimony cases, it is important to provide evidence arguing that a court should not hold an individual in contempt.

Finally, a lawyer could help to protect a person’s interests in all mediation sessions. Courts encourage and sometimes require litigants to participate in mediation in an attempt to avoid trial. Whether the goal to come to a settlement in litigation or the court has required mediation, a Dallas family lawyer could help to make these sessions a success.

Contact a Dallas Family Attorney Today

The outcome of a family law matter can have a profound impact on the rest of your life. These cases can determine where you can live, what property you own, who has custody of your children, and even if a delinquent support order should result in a jail sentence.

A Dallas family lawyer could help you in any family court case, including but not limited to divorces, child custody hearings, and alimony disputes. Contact an attorney today to schedule an appointment to discuss your goals.

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