The mere accusation of a sex offense can be enough to derail your career and destroy your family. The federal government aggressively prosecutes sex offense cases, and the penalties can be exceedingly severe. Because a conviction can be permanently life-altering, you may wish to look to a Dallas federal sex crimes lawyer for legal representation.

A criminal defense lawyer may be able to protect your rights and ensure you receive fair treatment throughout any criminal proceedings. Having a strong advocate on your side could make a difference in the outcome of your case.

When Does a Sex Offense Become a Federal Crime?

Many sex offenses are prosecuted in state court, but certain circumstances could lead to federal charges instead. For example, many sex offenses involving minors are subject to federal charges, including possession of child pornography, aggravated sexual abuse, sex tourism, human trafficking, and exploitation of children.

Prosecutors may also file charges in federal court if the alleged offenses:

  • Crossed state lines
  • Involved federal employees or occurred on federal property
  • Were aggravated or especially violent crimes
  • Involved online activities or were allegedly perpetrated online

The theory behind pursuing the offense in federal court is that the illegal actions transcended state lines, as in the case of child pornography distributed via the internet. A federal sex crimes lawyer in Dallas who is accustomed to federal court procedures may be the most effective advocate in this type of situation.

Common Federal Sex Crimes

One of the most commonly charged federal sex offenses is traveling from one state to another to engage in illegal sexual activities with a minor. Since the unlawful activity crosses state lines, the offense falls within the jurisdiction of the federal court. A closely related crime is child enticement or attempting to persuade a minor to engage in a sexual act. If the activity occurs online, then it is likely to result in federal charges.

Child pornography is another common source of federal charges, including the possession and distribution of either print or digital images. Due to technological advances, the internet has become an increasingly common means of transmitting illicit photos.

Potential Consequences Upon Conviction

The legal penalties for a federal sex offense can include mandatory minimum prison terms, fines, and sex offender registration. Furthermore, there may be restrictions on where sex offenders can live and work, the types of careers they can pursue, and the relationships they can have.

The ramifications of a federal sex offense conviction can impact every aspect of life for years to come. Federal prosecutors tend to come down hard on individuals accused of committing sex offenses and seek long, harsh punishments if they obtain a conviction. As a result, seeking out the services of a Dallas federal sex crimes attorney may be imperative.

Talk to a Dallas Federal Sex Crimes Attorney Today

The stakes are incredibly high in federal sex offense cases. If convicted, you could face mandatory minimum prison sentences and lifetime registration as a sex offender. Even an accusation could change the trajectory of your life. As a result, seeking the assistance of a Dallas federal sex crimes lawyer could be positive step towards clearing your name or minimizing the impact of these charges on your life.

If you are fighting against allegations that you committed a sex offense, you owe it yourself to enlist the help of a strong advocate. Reach out today to set up a consultation.

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