Being arrested on federal drug charges may be one of the most frightening and stressful times in your life. Whether you are facing charges of drug possession with intent to deliver, distribution, conspiracy, or any number of other federal drug crimes, you should not risk appearing in court without strong, experienced legal representation.

Allow a Dallas federal drug lawyer to protect your rights throughout your criminal proceedings. A dedicated criminal defense lawyer could evaluate your situation, discuss your legal options, and help determine the defense strategy that is right for you.

Types of Drug Offense

The Controlled Substances Act classifies all drugs and their analogues into schedules, based on their propensity for misuse, the degree to which they lead to addiction, their danger to the public, and their accepted medical uses. Schedule I contains the most dangerous drugs, and Schedule V contains the least hazardous controlled substances.

The different types of drug offenses under federal law include drug manufacturing, distributing, possessing with intent to distribute, and importing. The schedule and quantity of the drug determines the level or severity of the drug charge.

Many federal drug crimes also include charges of conspiracy, which is an agreement between two or more persons to violate federal drug laws. For individuals charged with federal drug offenses and conspiracy, a Dallas federal drug attorney could mean the difference between a lenient sentence and a life sentence.

Working with an Attorney

A federal drug lawyer in Dallas may be to assess the charges and determine the most effective defense strategy. Whether individuals choose to negotiate a plea bargain or fight the charges at trial, having legal representation throughout the process could be highly beneficial.

To defend individuals accused of drug offenses, experienced legal counsel may be able to use one or more of the following common defenses:

  • The evidence is the result of an illegal search and therefore subject to suppression
  • The drugs were not in the possession or control of the individuals
  • The accused had a legitimate prescription to possess the controlled substances to treat a medical condition
  • Law enforcement officials improperly entrapped or coerced individuals into committing a narcotics offense

Raising credible defenses such as these in the appropriate situations could lead to a better outcome at trial.

Potential Penalties

The penalties for drug offenses vary according to the type and quantity of the controlled substances involved. Federal drug offenses may also lead to prison terms ranging from several years to life, depending on the situation. In some cases, mandatory minimum sentences apply.

Some cases may involve sentence enhancements, which are specific factors that can increase the potential penalties for a federal drug offense. For example, if individuals have prior felony drug convictions, they may receive a more severe punishment for a subsequent conviction. A federal drug lawyer in Dallas may be able to explain the potential penalties in a particular case and any enhancements that might apply.

Contact a Dallas Federal Drug Attorney for Advice

You may have a lot to lose if you are convicted of a federal drug offense, including your family, your reputation in the community, your job, and your freedom. In addition to the criminal penalties, a federal drug conviction can have serious collateral consequences. You may lose certain civil rights, lose eligibility for some forms of federal assistance, and be unable to pursue some jobs or careers.

Fortunately, a Dallas federal drug lawyer may be able to guide you through the maze of federal prosecutions and help minimize the impact of these charges on your life. A strong defense could make a critical difference in the outcome of your case. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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