If you were arrested for a DWI in Dallas, you could face serious penalties including jail time and heavy fines. The best way to mount a credible defense against the charges you face is to retain a qualified attorney. A lawyer could scrutinize all the evidence against you and attempt to poke holes in the prosecution’s case.

What Happens After a DWI Arrest?

After a DWI arrest, police take the suspect to Lew Sterrett Justice Center for processing. When someone initially enters the jail, they go to a location known as central booking. This is where they police take their photograph, ask them a series of questions, give them jail clothing to wear, and take their fingerprints. They take all of the individual’s valuables and put them in the property room for safekeeping until the suspect is released from jail.

Once the arrestee finishes going through the central booking process, they will also be seen by a nurse who will give them a cursory examination, ask them some questions, and make sure that they are physically able to go into the jail. Next, the individual is moved to a holding facility while they are waiting to see a judge to set bond. At Lew Sterrett, judges are available 24 hours a day.

If police are seeking a warrant for a blood sample, the individual may have to wait for the warrant process to go forward. Once they see a judge, the individual gains access to a phone and can begin calling people to try to post bond. Alternatively, there may be an interview at the jail to see if the individual is eligible for a personal recognizance bond. Even after posting bond, it often takes six to eight hours to be processed.

Breath Testing

A person will be asked for a breath test fairly quickly after arriving at the jail. In the breath testing room, also called the Intoxilyzer room, authorities read the individual a number of legal warnings and formally ask them if they will submit to a breath or blood test. If they say “Yes,” the 15-minute observation period begins. Next, the individual sits in a chair while the breath test operator turns on the machine and enters the individual’s information.

Are Medical Resources Available in DWI Jail?

The jail has a whole medical area, and it also has a hospital unit. If someone is recovering from injuries after an accident, or they need ongoing medical care, it may be provided to them on site. If the individual has some medical concerns and needs to be examined by a doctor, they can certainly let the jailers know. However, it may take a long time before the doctor is available. examined.

Reach Out to a Dallas DWI Attorney Today

If you are concerned about potential jail time for your DWI offense, you need a strong defense. At your very first opportunity after arrest, you should contact an experienced DWI attorney. The sooner a lawyer begins work on your case, the better your chance of a positive resolution. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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