Drug-related offenses could carry potentially serious consequences. A drug distribution offense, on the other hand, could require the services of an experienced attorney to help combat against the charges held against you. For more information on building a defense, a Dallas drug distribution lawyer is available to meet with you and talk about the crimes you are accused of committing. Do not wait any longer, meet with an attorney today.

Why is Drug Distribution a Serious Offense in Dallas?

The element of drug distribution that causes it to be taken more seriously than simple possession would be intent. The actual intent to distribute is what elevates it beyond simple possession. Some aggravating factors that increase the severity of a drug distribution charge are evidence of dealings. An example of this could be packaging materials found near the contraband such as scales, and large amounts of cash. A person charged with this offense should immediately contact a Dallas drug distribution lawyer.

Dallas Law Enforcement’s Approach on Drug Distribution

Due to the fact that Dallas is a college town with two universities, Dallas law enforcement is taking steps to actively work on cracking down on drug-related incidents. Law enforcement may feel obliged to change their tactics, levels, or priorities should they deem it necessary. For example, if law enforcement suspects a large scale volume of drugs is being distributed from a particular area in town, or suspect that it is coming from the same person or group of people, they may try to hone in and focus on the suspect location.

Constitutional Issues Seen in Drug Distribution Cases

The most likely constitutional issues that come up in drug distribution cases would be Fourth Amendment search and seizure issues. A person is constitutionally free from governmental interference in their daily lives and has a certain right to stay within the realm of their lives without being bothered.

The Fourth Amendment is the authority that is going to control and determine when someone could be contacted and what is necessary before law enforcement is able to contact a person. If this constitutional right is not upheld during an investigation, charges may be dropped.

Evidence Needed to Prove a Drug Distribution Charge

The kind of evidence the prosecutor may be looking for is evidence of dealings, such as scales, large amounts of cash, large quantities of drugs, and packaging materials that establish that there is more going on that simply possessing contraband. If charged with this offense, it is imperative to get in touch with a Dallas drug distribution lawyer as soon as possible. An attorney may be able to look through the evidence in order to plan a solid defense.

Highly Contest Elements of Crimes Seen in Drug Distribution Cases

The element of the crime that tends to be highly contested at trial is possession, specifically whether or not someone was truly in possession of a substance that they are being charged with. A Dallas drug distribution lawyer can also argue whether or not there is substantial evidence of intent to distribute present for that charge at the time.

Importance of Hiring Dallas Drug Distribution Attorney

By working with a Dallas drug distribution lawyer, you give your self a good chance of developing an effective defense. An attorney can act as an advocate on your behalf by speaking with the judge, communicating and interviewing potential witnesses, and negotiating with prosecution in an effort to reduce a sentence. A lawyer can fight tirelessly on your behalf and make sure that you are properly represented in a court of law.