The penalties an individual may face for being caught for possessing illegal drugs in Corpus Christi depends on the drug. If it is possession of marijuana, the penalty is not as severe as it would be for the possession of heroin or cocaine.

Either way, the penalties can be quite severe. That is why it is so important to make sure that you contact an attorney regarding your case to make sure that you have adequate legal representation to guide you through the process. An experienced Corpus Christi drug possession lawyer can mount a case to help lessen or dismiss any consequences associated with your charge.

Long-Term Consequences

The penalties associated with a Corpus Christi drug possession charge could have many negative effects on an individual’s life. Many of these negative effects can impact high school students who are about to apply to college. If a person is convicted of such a charge and they are planning on going to college, or are already in college, they may lose their ability to apply for financial aid. If this occurs, an individual may lose out on an opportunity to receive a higher education.

There are many collateral consequences that may impact an individual for a lifetime. For instance, an individual may get convicted of a felony drug charge. In this case, a person will lose their ability to ever own a firearm, and in some situations, may lose their ability to vote. The penalties associated with drug possession in Corpus Christi can often be quite severe, and negatively impact an individual’s life in the long term.

Alternative Sentencing Programs

There are both diversion programs and alternative sentencing programs for individuals who have been charged with drug possession in Corpus Christi for the first time. A lot of those programs are case specific, but for first time drug offenders, there are some programs that the prosecutors will use to help the person and give them the ability to better themselves before they succumb to further drug charges in the future.

A person does not automatically qualify for these programs, which is why it is important for an individual to contact an attorney so that they can contact these programs immediately. That can get an individual into these programs as soon as possible.

Qualification Process

Many times, whether or not an individual qualifies for alternative sentencing programs depends on the specific facts of the person’s case. For example, if an individual is caught smoking weed, runs away, and causes a car accident by running into the road, the individual will most likely not be eligible for a diversion program.

However, if the individual owns up to the fact that they were doing something illegal, it may look better in the eyes of law enforcement. In that situation, an individual is more likely to be offered a diversion program based on the fact that they were open and honest about the activity they were involved in. The penalties an individual may face for a Corpus Christi drug possession charge may be lessened if an individual were to participate in such a diversion program.