When building a defense against drug possession charges in Corpus Christi, an attorney looks at a number of factors. The first thing they will determine is how the police have become involved. A Corpus Christi drug possession attorney will want to understand if they were called to an individual’s home because of illegal activity, if an undercover officer found that a person was selling illegal substances, or if a person was pulled over and drugs were uncovered. Police will want to uncover how the officer came into contact with a person.

Further, a lawyer will look to see if law enforcement did everything procedurally correct. They will determine if the police told a person why they were stopping them, if they had consent or a warrant to search a person’s vehicle, and if they had proper reason to search that person’s vehicle.

An attorney will then look at all of the different factors involved. For instance, if there were multiple people in the car, and law enforcement charged everyone with possession, an attorney will look to see who actually had the possession of that drug. Many times, this determination can work in a person’s favor if the drugs did not belong to them. Even so, such individuals should consult with a lawyer to begin building a defense against Corpus Christi drug possession charges.

Constitutional Issues

A lot of the constitutional issues present in drug possession cases come down to if a person’s rights were infringed upon. Unconstitutional search is one example. If law enforcement searched a person illegally, that is one of the main constitutional issues a lawyer can attack when building a defense against drug possession charges in Corpus Christi.

Another thing that a lawyer will want to determine is how the police get in contact with a person. Police cannot just stop a person for no reason. They have to have what is called reasonably articulable facts and reasonable suspicion to believe that a person is either committing a crime, about to commit a crime, or has already committed a crime.

If the officer sees a person and they are in a high crime rate area, such as in a known drug dealer’s house, even if they were just there for a few seconds, it might be enough to stop the person to see what they were doing. However, this can be challenged when a lawyer is building a defense against drug possession charges in Corpus Christi.

Benefit of a Lawyer

With their knowledge and experience, a qualified lawyer can build a proper defense against a drug possession charge in Corpus Christi. Immediate contact with a lawyer is important because it is much easier to build a defense from the day after the charge than a year down the road.

For instance, a video may only be available for a short period of time. A lawyer could try to subpoena that video to use when building a defense against a Corpus Christi drug charge. If the individual on the video does not match the individual arrested, an attorney can use that to further the defense building process.