An individual has many different rights throughout the Corpus Christi drug arrest process. They have the right to not be searched without their permission, the right to refuse to talk, and the right to an attorney. A person has not lost any rights just because they have been arrested.

To better determine the rights an individual has during the Corpus Christi drug arrest process, it is important to contact an experienced Corpus Christi drug lawyer as soon as possible. If you have been charged with a crime, a knowledgeable attorney can craft a defense to help lessen or dismiss any potential penalties.

Consenting to a Search

A person does not need to consent to a search if the police officer has stopped them on the street. If an individual is stopped and the officer asks them if they consent to letting them search the vehicle, the individual should say no. The officer may still search the vehicle anyway, but this denial can make their job a bit harder.

If the court comes back later and says that the search was illegal but the individual consented, then there was nothing wrong with the search. However, if an individual refuses a search, the officers search it anyway, and it is illegal, then nothing found will be allowed into evidence.

Avoiding Discussions

An individual should avoid discussing anything about their case with the police officer. An individual should never admit to having any sort of illegal substance on them or in their possession. An individual has the right to do so during a Corpus Christi drug arrest.

Anything that individual says can be used against them. A person should not make a case against themselves.

After the Arrest

After being arrested on a drug-related charge in Corpus Christi, an individual should expect to eventually be charged with a crime by the district attorney’s office. That might come somewhere between a few weeks after their arrest to a few years after they have been arrested, depending on how long it takes to make the case.

An individual must take their charge day by day, which is why it is important to hire an attorney. A lawyer can make sure their client’s rights have not been violated during a Corpus Christi drug arrest, and can follow up to make sure that everything is getting done the way it is supposed to.

Jail Proceedings

After an individual has been sent to jail in Corpus Christi, they can expect to see a magistrate judge to have their bail sentencing. That way, the individual can contact a bonding company if they need help getting out of jail.

If they have the funds themselves, they can pay the bail bond so that they can be released with the condition that they must appear back in court. Once released, an individual should not hesitate before hiring an attorney. An experienced lawyer can help make sure that an individual has maintained their rights during a Corpus Christi drug arrest and defend against any potential penalties.

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