Anyone who has been pulled over and has been issued a citation could face fines or the suspension of their driver’s license. The traffic offender should contact a defense lawyer in order to protect their driver’s license and driving record. You want to make sure you understand the consequences of pleading guilty or no contest to a traffic ticket before doing it, and an attorney can help with that.

If you are facing traffic violation charges, contact a Corpus Christi traffic lawyer today to receive the defense you need in your case. An accomplished attorney will fight by your side to get you the best outcome of your case if possible.

Traffic Offenses

A traffic offense in Corpus Christi is typically a non-jailable infraction and it does not carry the same stigma or seriousness that another criminal offense might. A traffic offense is considered a Class C misdemeanor when it involves speeding or running a red light or failing to signal during a lane change and results in a monetary fine.

The traffic offender may have points added to their driver’s license under the driver responsibility, suspension of their license, or fines.

A moving violation can be more serious than someone might think. If a person is a repeat offender, surcharges could be owed to the state or there may be a suspension of their driver’s license. This would be added to the fine that may be owed for the initial traffic infraction.

A traffic offense could be considered a felony if it turns into a serious case. For example, if a driver hit and seriously injured or killed another person, that traffic violation would be considered a felony.

Point System

It is important for someone to keep their driving record as clean as possible because it affects their point system and their insurance rates.

The point system in Corpus Christi is the same as any other Texas municipality. The driver’s responsibility program authorizes the Department of Public Safety to assess points to drivers who violate traffic laws. That could result in surcharges owed to the state or a suspension of a person’s driver’s license.

Two points are assessed for a Texas or out-of-state conviction and three points are assessed for a conviction that resulted in a crash. The points remain on the driver’s record for three years.

In Texas, points are added to someone’s driver’s license when they get a conviction for a traffic offense on their driving record. It is important to have a Corpus Christi traffic lawyer on a person’s case in order to help protect their driver’s license and their driving record.

Contact a Defense Lawyer

A Corpus Christi traffic attorney can aggressively work to make sure that a person does not receive any convictions, if necessary, and they can help the person keep points off of their driving record, reduce any fines, and protect their driver’s license.

An attorney could set a traffic ticket for trial, which would give the attorney the opportunity to cross-examine the officer who issued the ticket. Obtain a defense lawyer who has a track record of getting traffic tickets dismissed, fines reduced, and keeping convictions off of people’s driving records.