In recent years some states liberalized their laws about drug possession, especially with respect to marijuana. But Corpus Christi still maintains an uncompromising stance on drug possession and distribution. Moreover, penalties relating to drug possession or distribution are a lot tougher than they used to be. Even a seemingly minor infraction can result in serious fines or even jail time. If you are facing these kinds of charges, you may need an experienced Corpus Christi drug lawyer to give you advice tailored to your situation. Read on to learn more about how a professional narcotics attorney could fight for your rights today.

Penalties for Drug Charges

One of the reasons drug offenses are so serious includes mandatory minimum sentences. Many lawmakers determined that judges were too lenient with drug offenders, so they took away the judges’ discretion to impose lighter sentences. This means that a first offender facing drug charges could be looking at severe punishment depending on the substance. If someone is facing charges for an intent to distribute the substance, then they may face much harsher penalties. In Corpus Christi it is a crime to knowingly own controlled substances such as:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • LSD
  • Methamphetamines

To crack down on the meth labs and the creation of drugs, lawmakers also increased the penalties for the possession of precursor chemicals that can be used to make illegal drugs. In order to fight against these potential consequences, an individual should retain the experience of a dedicated Corpus Christi drug lawyer right away.

Common Defenses to Drug Crimes

Every individual accused of a crime has certain rights. An American citizen is always innocent until proven otherwise, and the government must prove its case against anyone beyond a reasonable doubt. Many times, the defense can argue that the defendant was not actually in possession of the controlled substance. For example, if police found a controlled substance in a car with multiple people, the individual in control of the drug may not be the defendant facing these allegations. In a case of mistaken identity, the defendant will need the help of a weathered Corpus Christi drug lawyer to help prove their innocence.

Admissible Evidence in a Corpus Christi Court

A key issue in all criminal cases, and especially drug-related charges, is the admissibility of evidence. If the police found illegal substances in a car, they must have had probable cause to stop that car. Any evidence they collect under a warrant must specifically fall under the parameters of that warrant. If they did not have an explicit reason to search an area, their search may be unconstitutional. Any evidence found in an unconstitutional search may be inadmissible as evidence.

If the evidence is inadmissible, a knowledgable Corpus Christi drug lawyer may be able to suppress it. Suppressing evidence may mean the difference between winning and losing a drug case. Without crucial evidence, the prosecution may have no proof of an alleged crime and cannot meet their burden of proof.

Speak with a Corpus Christi Drug Lawyer Today

A criminal drug offense could mean incarceration, fines, and a conviction on your permanent record. The impact of these penalties can last a lifetime. If someone has a record they may be unable to seek employment or housing. These potential penalties mean you should take any possible drug charges very seriously. An experienced Corpus Christi drug lawyer could assist you at every step of the process, through the arraignment, bond hearings, investigations, and at trial. Do not delay in getting the advice you need. Contact a seasoned Corpus Christi drug lawyer today in order to get started on your defense.

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