The decision to divorce is often a challenging and emotional one. Splitting partners could face several difficult, yet critical, choices regarding a host of legal, financial, and personal matters.

If you are facing the prospect of divorce, you could benefit from consulting with a Collin County divorce lawyer. A skilled family attorney could provide valuable advice and guidance through every step of the dissolution process.

Benefits of Hiring a Divorce Attorney

Divorce is not as simple as a married couple deciding to split, one spouse moving out, and both parties moving forward with their lives. The dissolution of a marriage is an established legal process that requires advanced knowledge and close attention to detail. A Collin County divorce attorney could help you navigate through these proceedings by:

  • Understanding and abiding by Texas State laws governing the divorce process
  • Rendering informed, educated, and rational decisions
  • Identifying the issues and formulating prudent strategies to resolve them
  • Protecting your interests during negotiations with your spouse and their attorneys
  • Advocating on your behalf should the divorce need to be resolved in court

What Issues Will Need to Be Resolved?

Before a couple may legally split, several matters will require attention, including:

  • How to divide the couple’s assets
  • Determining whether alimony (spousal support/maintenance) will be required
  • Organizing new living arrangements

It is important to note that every case is unique, and certain situations may involve other issues and questions. A divorce attorney in Collin County could help an individual identify the important issues in their divorce and work towards a favorable resolution.

Legal Grounds for Divorce

In accordance with Texas State Statutes, a divorce may be granted with or without proving fault. This means that couples can separate for “irreconcilable differences” without establishing any specific legal grounds.

However, a divorce can be granted on legal grounds for the following six reasons:

  • Cruelty (physical, mental, or emotional).
  • Felony convictions
  • Abandonment for a period lasting at least one year
  • Living separately for at least three years
  • Adultery
  • Commitment to a mental health facility

Some of these infractions might be difficult to prove, but a divorce attorney in Collin County could help gather evidence and present a case in court.

Steps in the Divorce Process

A divorce may be officially and legally recognized after any one of the following:


During this process, a knowledgeable and neutral third party will allow both sides to present their cases and render as fair and equitable a decision as possible based on the information presented. Mediation is a more informal process than a trial and typically does not occur in a courtroom.

Review of a Pre or Postnuptial Agreement

Some couples have prenuptial or postnuptial contracts establishing guidelines for how specific issues should be resolved in the event they decide to divorce. As part of the divorce process, these agreements may need to be reviewed and enforced.


If the couple does not have nuptial contract, or if mediation fails, a trial may be necessary. Trials occur inside a courtroom, with each side presenting its case before a Judge, who will render all final rulings.

Talk to a Collin County Divorce Attorney Today

A Collin County divorce lawyer understands that the decision to divorce can be challenging, if not life-altering. Separating from a spouse involves difficult and complex legal and personal issues, and many people find themselves overwhelmed. For support and legal guidance through the divorce process, reach out to an experienced attorney and schedule a consultation.

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