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Divorce might force separating spouses to make several difficult and draining decisions. One of the most difficult issues when dissolving a marriage is child custody.

If you need legal advice and representation to make or modify a custody agreement, consider speaking with a qualified Collin County child custody lawyer. An experienced family law attorney could advocate for your interests during any proceedings and fight to protect your family.

How an Attorney Could Help

Considering the close bond many people have with their children, retaining custody might be of paramount importance to each separating spouse as they enter divorce proceedings. As a result, custody battles are some of the most contentious issues during and after a divorce.

Because these situations can be emotionally charged, some people may attempt to discredit their former spouse instead of formulating a sound legal strategy. Instead of helping their case, these actions might actually be detrimental to individuals and their children.

A Collin County child custody attorney could review a case and offer sound legal advice about the best way to proceed.

How Are Child Custody Disputes Decided?

Under the Texas Family Code, both of a child’s parents are considered conservators, which grants them the legal right to maintain a meaningful relationship with their children. It also mandates that they carry out certain functions critical to their care and overall well-being.

However, when parents divorce, court intervention might be necessary to determine issues of custody, child support, and visitation.

Factors Considered by the Court

Under Texas law, courts must render custody decisions that are in the best interests of the children. Some factors that might come into play include:

  • The parenting capabilities of both mother and father
  • If either parent possesses a criminal record
  • The wishes of the children
  • The children’s emotional needs
  • The emotional and physical environment each parent resides in
  • The financial well-being of each parent
  • Each parent’s ability to provide the children with quality education and medical care
  • The physical and mental health of each parent

These are only a few of the factors a court might use to make a child custody decision. Each specific case can present a different set of circumstances, and a Collin County child custody lawyer could identify other considerations to bring to the court’s attention.

What Happens If I Am Not Awarded Custody?

Non-custodial parents have the opportunity to see their children on a regular basis based on an established schedule. Visitation arrangements take into account factors such as the weekdays and weekends, specific holidays, and school schedules. One set of provisions applies to parents who reside within 100 miles of one another, and another applies to more distant parents. However, a court might agree to alternate terms if the divorcing parents agree.

Speak with a Collin County Child Custody Attorney Today

Very few matters in a divorce are as crucial as the well-being of the children. Child custody is often of the utmost importance to each parent and might become an emotional dispute.

A Collin County child custody lawyer could review your case and offer a practical and rational strategy that protects your family. Call today to schedule a consultation and get started.

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