DISCLAIMER: The results are specific to the facts and legal circumstances of each of the clients’ cases and should not be used to form an expectation that the same results could be obtained for other clients in similar matters without reference to the specific factual and legal circumstances of each client’s case.

Failing field sobriety tests, NOT GUILTY

Marsha, a 55 year old woman, was stopped for “weaving” and arrested after “failing” the field sobriety tests. After blowing UNDER a 0.08 on the breath test, the police still filed the case alleging she must be intoxicated on the marijuana she admitted smoking approximately 8 hours earlier. Verdict: NOT GUILTY .

Arrested for DWI, NOT GUILTY

Robert was stopped for speeding. After conducting field sobriety tests, the police officer arrested him for DWI. At trial, Robert’s mental and physical limitations were highlighted to the jury. After a 2 day trial, they returned a verdict of NOT GUILTY.

Arrested for DWI, NOT GUILTY

Bradley, a store manager who blew a .091, was pulled over for having a burned out license plate light. We successfully attacked the validity of the breath test score and the Jury returned a verdict of NOT GUILTY.


Javier was stopped for tailgating and arrested for DWI. His blood test result was .18. In the middle of trial, the Judge granted the defense motion to suppress the blood test result. As a result of the ruling, the CASE WAS DISMISSED.

Arrested for DWI, NOT GUILTY

Raymond was stopped for running a red light. After “failing” the field sobriety tests, he was arrested for DWI. Blood was later taken from Raymond against his will. The .14 blood evidence was thrown out in the middle of trial and the jury returned a verdict of NOT GUILTY .

Arrested for 2nd DWI, NOT GUILTY

Deena flipped off a guy while leaving a bar but he turned out to be an undercover cop. He pulled her over and, after refusing to perform field sobriety tests, she was arrested for her 2 nd DWI. We fought the case in trial and the verdict was NOT GUILTY .

Arrested for DWI, NOT GUILTY

Justin was stopped by the police for “following too close” to another car. He was arrested for DWI and his breath test result was .12. After a hearing on whether or not the stop was legal, the judge ruled in our favor and returned a verdict of NOT GUILTY .


Jared, who scored a .17 breath test, was stopped after an altercation in a store parking lot. We successfully attacked the breath test on the grounds it was coerced and THE JUDGE THREW THE BREATH SCORE OUT.


Juan was pulled over when a police officer saw his backseat passenger throw up out the car window at a red light. He was later arrested and prosecuted for DWI. Verdict: CASE DISMISSED after the stop was found by the Judge to be illegal.

.17 Alcohol Level Was Reported, NOT GUILTY

Howard lost control of his motorcycle and wrecked. He was found by the police and later transported to the hospital. A .17 alcohol level was reported from blood Howard voluntarily gave the police. A verdict of NOT GUILTY was returned after Howard’s arrest was found to be illegal and the blood evidence was thrown out.