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Allegations of federal sex crimes can be personally and professionally devastating. A conviction could require you to register as sex offender long after serving any term of incarceration. Fortunately, an Austin federal sex crimes lawyer may be able to advocate for your interests and protect you from some or all of the potential consequences.

Sex crimes carry particularly harsh penalties under federal law, and a conviction is likely to change your life drastically. Raising a strong defense against the charges you face may be possible with the assistance of an experienced federal criminal defense attorney.

Common Examples of Federal Sex Crimes

There are dozens of sex offenses under federal law, the majority of which carry mandatory minimum prison sentences. These offenses have contributed to the hundreds of thousands of registered sex offenders in law enforcement databases nationwide.

Some examples of federal sex offenses include:

  • Aggravated sexual abuse
  • Child pornography
  • Coercion and enticement
  • Transportation of minors with intent to engage in a sexual act

Authorities prosecute many sex offenses under state law, but federal courts have jurisdiction over crimes that cross state lines, involve federal employees, occur on federal land, or are committed online. An Austin federal sex crimes attorney may be able to help defend individuals who are facing these serious charges.

Federal Investigations

Federal agents and investigators often spend months, or even years, building a case and gathering evidence in support of federal sex offense charges. In many cases, law enforcement will contact individuals directly to get information. While the inclination may be to cooperate, talking to law enforcement officers without a lawyer present may be a mistake.

All too often, individuals end up divulging information that authorities later use against them to support criminal charges. Likewise, persons may unknowingly make incriminating statements that will return to haunt them in the future.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office has the burden of proving that individuals committed federal sex crimes beyond a reasonable doubt. There is no reason to make their task easier by voluntarily disclosing information to police. A federal sex crimes attorney in Austin could be present during any interviews to help individuals avoid self-incrimination.

Potential Penalties

A conviction for federal sex offenses could lead to mandatory minimum prison terms and mandatory sex offender registration for life. Registration laws can prevent offenders from having contact with children and make finding employment and housing extremely difficult.

The potential sentences for sex offenses are among the most severe of all federal crimes. The collateral consequences only serve to make the situation worse. Avoiding these repercussions is essential to any defense strategy that individuals may utilize in their cases.

Call an Austin Federal Sex Crimes Attorney for Advice

If you were accused of a federal sex offense, your future may look grim. Fortunately, there may be ways to reduce or defeat the charges against you. An experienced Austin federal sex crimes lawyer may be able to craft a strong defense and work toward a positive resolution of your case.