Amarillo Speeding Penalties

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If you have been pulled over for going over the speed limit, you may be facing a fine and points added to your driving record. Amarillo speeding penalties could have both short-term and long-term consequences for you. To find out how legal counsel could benefit you following a traffic offense, you may want to contact a well-established speeding ticket lawyer.

Common Ways Speeding Tickets are Issued

One of the most common Amarillo speeding penalties is speeding tickets. Most of the time, speeding tickets are going to be issued by a police officer. Cameras are usually not used for speeding tickets in Amarillo. Cameras may be used to catch drivers running a traffic light, but not for speeding. Speeding tickets are not usually issued through the mail either. The most common way someone receives a speeding citation is right after an officer pulls them over.

Contesting a Speeding Ticket

Many people assume that when they are pulled over for speeding, the officer accurately clocked them on their radar gun. However, this is not always the case. This is why an individual who has been issued a speeding citation may want to contest the ticket. When someone wants to contest a charge, it is important that they obtain an attorney to look at the case. A lawyer will look for any kind of issues in the state’s case and make the state prove that the driver was actually speeding. There may have been a problem with the radar gun detection or the officer’s pacing. It is not the defendant’s duty to fight the state’s claim, it is the state’s duty to prove their claim.

Showing up for Court

After receiving a speeding ticket, the person needs to show up to court in all circumstances, unless they made previous arrangements with the court. For example, if an individual is going to pay the fine and they submit the payment by mail, they do not have to show up for court. However, it is important that they verify that the court did receive the fine payment. If the fine payment gets lost in the mail and the person does not show up to court, then the court will issue a failure to appear notice against the person and a warrant will be issued.

Speeding Ticket Consequences

When someone is facing speeding penalties in Amarillo, they are looking at paying a fine and they are not facing any jail time. The cost of the speeding ticket will depend on how fast the person was going over the speed limit and where exactly the speeding offense occurred. For example, someone speeding in a school or construction zone may have to pay double of what the speeding ticket would normally be.

Another consequence of a speeding ticket is the points added to the individual’s driving record. Most speeding tickets are going to result in two points added to the person’s driver’s license. When someone obtains more than six points in three years, they may get their driver’s license suspended. A speeding ticket could also raise the person’s car insurance payments.

How an Amarillo Speeding Ticket Attorney Could Help

A lawyer can help someone charged with speeding by making the state prove their case. Often, an attorney can negotiate with the state to get the ticket dismissed or the fines lowered. It is important for you to keep a clean driving record and to also avoid paying fines. This is why if you are facing Amarillo speeding penalties, you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Work with an accomplished speeding ticket attorney that could work towards a positive outcome for you.