Challenging Driver’s License Suspension in Amarillo

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You may not realize how important your driving privileges are to your day-to-day life until you have your license suspended. If you have had your driver’s license suspended, you probably want to get your license back as soon as possible. If so, consult with an accomplished driving with a suspended license lawyer who is experienced in challenging driver’s license suspension in Amarillo.

License Suspension Due to DWI Arrest

There are two ways an individual can get their driver’s license suspended from a DUI or a DWI. The first part is through an administrative hearing known as the administrative license revocation hearing.

When a person is arrested for suspicion of driving while intoxicated, an officer reads to the individual a statutory warning. A statutory warning lets the person know that the officer is going to be asking for a sample of the driver’s breath or blood. If the individual refuses or gives the sample and fails, then the person’s license is going to be suspended as a result.

However, an individual has 15 days to fight the Department of Public Safety to try and keep the license. Most of the time, if the person misses the 15-day window, then their license will stay suspended. The administrative process is an early step after a person is suspected of driving while intoxicated and it does not mean the person is guilty. If the individual gets convicted of the DUI, then their license will be suspended.

Getting License Back Following DUI Charges

A person can get their license back after a DUI charge in one of two ways. They can either wait out the suspension and then re-apply for a driver’s license and pay any fees that might be associated, such as any surcharges or any license reinstatement fees, or they can try to get an occupational license.

An occupational license is a limited driver’s license. This means the individual is not going to have the same privileges of a normal license but the person will be able to go to work, school, and take care of essential household needs.

With an occupational license, the person is not going to be able to bar out to the bar with friends or drive whenever they want. The occupational license allows people to drive only at specific times of the day and for specific reasons.

Not all types of licenses are eligible for an occupational license. For example, a person who has their commercial driver’s license suspended may be able to drive a personal car but they cannot drive their commercial vehicle.

License Suspension from Failure to Pay Fines

If someone has fines and they fail to pay them, then the state will suspend their license as a punishment for not paying. Sometimes an individual has fines on their record that they are not aware of until their license gets suspended. People who have failed to pay their fines may have an easier time challenging driver’s license suspension in Amarillo than someone who was arrested for a DUI.

How to Challenge an Amarillo License Suspension

Drivers can challenge a driver’s license suspensions in a number of ways. For example, if Amarillo is claiming the individual owes them $100 for a speeding ticket and they have never been to Amarillo in their life, an attorney can challenge the suspension and make the state prove their case.

Sometimes a license can be challenged, sometimes it cannot. This is why an individual needs to speak with a lawyer about challenging driver’s license suspension in Amarillo.