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Arrests frequently become tense and a person being put under arrest may be frightened or confused. This could easily escalate into a physical altercation with a law enforcement officer. Assault on an officer is typically considered a severe offense that may incur significant legal consequences, such as a felony charge which is applicable in various degrees. If you are facing such charges, you may want to consider speaking with an Amarillo assault on an officer lawyer.

The legal system is often complex and a person who is accused of assaulting an officer may worry that they will be treated unfairly. Contact a skilled defense attorney who is familiar with cases regarding an assault on an officer. Call today and start building a credible legal argument against the charges.

Defining Assault on an Officer

Assault on an officer commonly refers to a wide range of potential offenses. There are often different factors and circumstances that may influence a charge in Amarillo. For example, if a person strikes or punches an officer, they may face lesser charges than someone using a bat or firearm. However, any assault on an officer charge should typically be taken seriously and approached carefully. The prosecution may handle such a case with more aggression, as on-duty police officers are generally considered to be protecting the public.

To qualify as an assault on an officer charge, the prosecutors generally have to prove whether a person committed the offense but, on top of that, they may need to demonstrate that the accused knew or reasonably should have known that the individual was a police officer or was serving as a public servant who was lawfully discharging an official duty. An Amarillo assault on an officer lawyer could argue that the defendant had no way of knowing that the complainant was a police officer.

Impact of the Involvement of a Protected Official

Cases involving a protected official may be heard differently than other assault cases. If an individual goes and attacks a district judge, they may be in that judge’s courtroom. Generally, though, it does not affect a case, unless a lawyer proves that the individual may not receive a fair trial afterward. Sometimes, a lawyer could petition to have the case heard in a different county or with a different judge. Additionally, if a person is accused of attacking a prosecutor on the case, the district attorney’s office may hire a special prosecutor to avoid potential complaints of bias.

Potential Legal Consequences

The penalties for assault on an officer vary depending on the factors and circumstances of the incident. If an officer is arresting an individual for a DWI and they swing at the officer, they might charge the individual as resisting. However, if the person makes contact, they might charge them with assault of a public servant, which is generally a third-degree felony.

Some cases could be more severe if an individual goes after an officer with a knife, a baseball bat, or a gun, that may involve a deadly weapon aspect, the person may face a first-degree felony. Many legal consequences depend on the extent of alleged physical damage from an altercation.

Calling an Amarillo Assault on an Officer Attorney

If you are facing assault on an officer charges in Amarillo, you may have several legal options. Contact an Amarillo assault on an officer lawyer who could research potential legal strategies that may be effective for your case. Assault on an officer is often viewed as a significant charge. Someone without adequate legal representation could face steep consequences which may include costly fines and periods of incarceration. Arrange for an appointment to discuss your case with a dependable defense attorney today.

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