Nothing poses a threat to an individual’s liberty and their ability to earn a living quite as the threat of criminal charges. The government retains the right to deprive convicted individuals of some of their liberties depending on the infraction of which they are convicted. Because of this, criminal charges must be taken seriously.

However, all is not lost following an arrest or an arraignment. There are typically multiple defenses which a skilled defense attorney can employ on a client’s behalf. If you are facing criminal charges in Texas, an Amarillo criminal lawyer is ready to serve as your staunchest ally and work to protect your interests.

Severity of Prospective Punishments

Texas Penal Code Title 3, Chapter 12 delineates criminal offenses within the state of Texas. Significant crimes fall into the felony category and less serious ones designated as misdemeanors.

Once someone is charged with a crime in violation of criminal laws in Amarillo, it makes sense for the accused to gain a strong understanding of what he or she is facing in terms of prospective sentences.

Because terms of incarceration and monetary fines can be particularly onerous, especially in the case of repeat offenders, the sooner a plan of action is developed, the stronger the likelihood that a vigorous defense may be successfully mounted.

Building a Defense in Amarillo

The primary role of an Amarillo criminal attorney is to conduct a thorough investigation of not only the events leading up to the alleged offense, but also of the law enforcement techniques used to initiate the resulting arrest and the methods that were used to collect the evidence that supports the state’s case.

Even when the deck appears to be heavily stacked against a criminal defendant, it is important to bear in mind that thanks to Texas Penal Code Title 1, Chapter 2, the state must establish each and every element of the alleged criminal acts beyond a reasonable doubt before a conviction can be obtained.

This is a high burden to meet. Because the state’s burden is so high, it is easy to undermine its case by making timely objections to illegally obtained evidence or to arrests made in contravention of the accused party’s constitutional rights.

Hiring a Criminal Lawyer

With so much at stake in a criminal case, it is essential for the accused to find a criminal lawyer in Amarillo in whom they have the utmost faith. Therefore, it makes good sense to seek practitioners that have extensive experience with the same type of charges their prospective client faces, whether that might include:

  • Assault crimes
  • Homicides
  • Robbery/theft crimes
  • Fraud offenses
  • Sex crimes
  • Human trafficking
  • Drug crimes
  • Alcohol offenses and driving under the influence
  • Computer-related criminal acts

A demonstrable history of achieving positive results is also a hallmark of effective defense counsel. This can offer valuable peace of mind at an extremely difficult time in anyone’s life.

Aggressive Defense Advocacy in Amarillo, Texas

Criminal charges in Amarillo of any sort have the power to cause untold amounts of upheaval and anxiety in those who find themselves facing them. If you have had the misfortune of landing in the prosecutor’s crosshairs, there is no time to waste. To initiate development of the zealous legal defense you deserve, contact an Amarillo criminal lawyer with our firm today.

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