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Drug paraphernalia is a serious charge a person could face. Depending on the circumstances of the case, a person could even face felony charges as a result of paraphernalia charges. That is why it is imperative for a person charged with this offense to get in contact with a lawyer immediately.

By working side-by-side with a skilled attorney, a person may find it much easier to build a solid defense by using their knowledge and expertise. Contact an Abilene drug paraphernalia lawyer today to learn more.


Drug paraphernalia in Abilene can be defined as anything that is used to help the person consume or use the actual drug.

For example, a syringe can be drug paraphernalia if the person does not have a legal prescription, if they have an illegal drug such as a heroin, they put it in their body, and the heroin is completely gone. If the syringe is found to have no heroin in it, they cannot be charged with a felony. However, they could still be charged with the issue of drug paraphernalia.

Other examples of drug paraphernalia can be things like scales, rolling paper for marijuana, clips, etc. It can also be any type of issues dealing specifically with growing kits, hydroponics, or lighting kits to try to help the marijuana grow, but normally a person is going to be charged for having items such as scales, syringes, needles, and also rolling paper.

Discovery of Drug Paraphernalia

Law enforcement may stop somebody if they see the paraphernalia in plain view, in a vehicle, or when they come into the home of a person under a consented search.

Universities and colleges also contain many cases of drug paraphernalia. A student could have paraphernalia in their dorms and have it discovered by another student or resident assistants. Thet may call the university/college police department who may then come over and issue a ticket/arrest.

Rights of a Person Charged in Abilene

In Abilene, a person has the absolute right to have a jury trial. A person can try that case to a jury and if the person loses, they may get a fine. In some cases, a person could actually appeal that up to another court and have a trial de novo, in other words, a brand new trial. This is as long as the court is not a court of record. A person also has the right to hire an attorney, such as an Abilene drug paraphernalia lawyer, to represent them in a court of law.

Court of Record

The municipal court is a court of record, so that means if they have a trial there and they lose and want an appeal, they have to actually appeal to the court of appeals in Amarillo that sits in the jurisdiction of that. However, if a person is in the Justice of the Peace courts and they lose, they can simply appeal that up to the Abilene court at law court one or court two, and have a brand new trial.

That is another benefit of getting an Abilene drug paraphernalia lawyer involved early. In addition, frankly, these are the types of cases that a person is going to try to work out for terms of the dismissal—something that can result in the case being removed from the record. There are no guarantees but that is certainly, in these cases, something that an attorney may try to do.

Speak with an Abilene Drug Paraphernalia Attorney Today

By speaking with an experienced Abilene drug paraphernalia lawyer, a person increases their chances of building a strong defense. An attorney brings both skills and knowledge that a person can benefit from when building a defense. Contact a seasoned attorney today.