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There are many behaviors that are illegal when it comes to drugs. Certainly, the possession of a drug and the possession with intent to deliver a drug can be illegal. Further, there are laws that make it illegal to manufacture or distribute drugs.

If you are facing a drug charge and are seeking legal representation, consult with an experienced Abilene drug attorney as soon as possible. A knowledgeable criminal lawyer in Abilene can build a robust defense to help lessen or dismiss any penalties associated with your charge.

Illegal Activities

There are areas that are illegal as far as the drugs themselves, and then there are activities that are illegal. If someone is taking the drug, whether it is a legal drug or an illegal drug, and they commit a criminal offense, that may further complicate the case. Such cases should only be handled using an Abilene drug lawyer.

An example of this is when a person is stopped for driving while intoxicated, does not have any alcohol in their system, but instead has cocaine or methamphetamines in their system to a point that they have lost the normal use of their mental or physical faculty. This would also be an activity that is illegal.

Legal Interactions

There are times when certain drugs would be legal for some but illegal for others. Certain drugs would be illegal for other people to have if they do not have a prescription.

For example, amphetamines classify as both an illegal and legal drug. If a person has a valid prescription for an ADHD drug, which typically is the amphetamine type drug, then that particular person can possess that drug in relationship to the actual prescription that they have. It has to be the same amount of weight.

If the prescription is for 10 mg, the person cannot have a pill that is 20 mg. There are some further rules that talk about actually having to possess those drugs in a prescription pill box. Such rules can be best explained using an experienced drug attorney in Abilene.

Drug Schedules

There are some drugs that are penalized more harshly than others. Texas takes the controlled substance, defines it under schedules, and then ranks the schedule depending on which drug is in it. In Texas, there are five drug schedules, which can be best explained by an Abilene drug lawyer.

Schedule One

Schedule one drugs are both the most highly addictive and also have no other accepted medical use for treatment throughout the United States. Further, a schedule one drug has been judged that they cannot be used safely even under medical supervision. A few examples of schedule one drugs are things like LSD, ecstasy, crack, and powder cocaine.

Marijuana is still a schedule one drug even though in the better part of 23 states, and the District of Columbia, marijuana can be used either legally for medicine or, in several states, for recreational purposes.

Schedule Two

A schedule two drug is a drug that can be legally prescribed but has a high potential for abuse that could lead to addiction. These are things that are methamphetamines and most other narcotics.

Schedule Three

Schedule three drugs are drugs that do have an accepted medical use, but can be abused. They are considered to be less of a risk than those in schedules one and schedules two. Schedule three drugs can result in moderate physical dependency or high psychological dependency. An example of this is Vicodin.

Schedule Four

Schedule four drugs are drugs that are the same as in schedule three in that they have an accepted medical use, yet they are still vulnerable for potential abuse. However, these drugs will be at less of a risk than a schedule three drug in terms of dependency. Valium is an example of a schedule four drug.

Schedule Five

Finally, there is schedule five, and these are drugs with even less serious risks than those in the first four schedules. An example of that is a cough suppressant with a low concentration of codeine.

No matter the degree of the charge, an individual should not proceed legally without the assistance of a drug lawyer in Abilene.